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   Iola ISD.

  • Full Time Bus Driver

    School bus drivers pick up students at stops along established routes and drop them off at school. They may also transport students and faculty to special events, such as field trips or sporting events, often working split shifts of mornings and afternoons. 

    School bus drivers must be attentive to traffic and weather conditions while staying on schedule and ensuring the safety of passengers. 

    Must be able to pass a background check

    Interested applicants should apply online. Contact the Transportation Director Sean Callahan at for more information.

    Once your application is complete, you must also complete the CRIMINAL HISTORY BACKGROUND CHECK application online!
  • Transportation Position

    • Iola ISD is seeking a self-motivated person for a full-time position with the district.  The qualified individual will possess the following:
    • 1.  The ability to obtain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) within 90 days of hire
    • 2.  Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds.
    • 3.  Must have a working knowledge of mechanical and 12V electrical systems
    • 4.  Must be organized and detail-oriented to maintain the supplies necessary for maximum effectiveness of the daily shop routine.
    • 5.  Must be a team player who is flexible and willing to accommodate unexpected changes in standard job duties.
    • ***Occasional additional job duties may include washing busses, assisting with HVAC, shop inventory, and field trip driver.
    All applicants must submit a Criminal History Record Check application through Career Portal
  • Criminal History Record Check

    All applicants must fill out this criminal history record check form, as an addendum to the application.  

    Iola Independent School District is required by Board policy to obtain a criminal history record on applicants for employment with the district (Texas Education Code).  The information requested below is necessary to obtain criminal history record information.