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   ESC 6.

  • Adult Education Instructor

    Job Goal:  To provide instruction to adult education students.  To plan, implement, document and evaluate instructional practices, procedures and materials.

    • Instructors shall possess a minimum of a bachelor degree. • A degree in education or content-related field is preferred. • Certification in State approved assessments utilized by program and in class.

    Special Knowledge & Skills:  
    • All new instructors must complete a prescribed new instructor orientation process.  • Knowledge of program regulations, policies and procedures. • Knowledge of community resources beneficial to adult education population 

    Major Responsibilities:
    • Applies researched-based instructional practices that incorporate the use of computers and other technologies. • Uses a variety of instructional strategies and tools appropriate to the needs of the student. • Uses lesson plans that integrate instruction across content areas. • Provides continuous feedback and adjusts instruction to maximize student learning. • Integrates work-, family- and community-related activities into instruction. • Administers or interprets appropriate assessments. • Plans learning experiences that are interactive and relevant to workplace environment. • Uses formal and informal assessment data to monitor and document student progress. • Collects and manages accurate data for program improvement and accountability. • Participates in the retention and follow-up of students. • Maintains student records. • Assesses student needs and goals and promotes program in community. • Attends required professional development activities. • Uses technology resources to engage in ongoing professional development and lifelong learning. • Assesses personal strengths and weaknesses as a basis for developing an Individual Professional • Development Plan and annual evaluation. • Perform other duties as assigned

    Terms of Employment:
    $24 per hour -  all positions are part-time and hours will vary based on location and class being taught.  Classes will be based in the Brazos Valley area. 

  • Secondary RLA Specialist

    Job Goal: Create & provide professional development, technical assistance and instructional coaching support to districts and campuses regarding the implementation of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in Secondary RLA with a focus on grades 6-12. Participate in special project activities in Reading/Language Arts that support the ESC’s core purpose and strategic goals.


    • Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education or English (required)
    • Master's Degree in Education or related field (preferred)
    • Texas Teacher Certification in Secondary Reading/Language Arts (required) English as a Second Language certification (preferred)  

    Special Knowledge and Skills
    • General/Working knowledge of platforms such as Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, and virtual learning platforms (required)
    • Ability to research and apply results in a client-centered way General/Working knowledge of current curriculum trends, instruction, technology, assessment, and school systems
    • General/Working Knowledge of best practice in English as a Second Language (e.g., Sheltered Instruction) and the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS)
    • General/Working knowledge of instructional design, current curriculum trends, instruction, technology, assessment, project-based learning, and differentiation
    • Familiarity with Response to Intervention and progress monitoring General/Working knowledge of data-driven strategies for improving student performance
    • Ability to identify, define, and describe a coaching model example
    • Ability to explain different types of instructional coaching
    • Ability to multi-task when working on multiple projects, programs, and with clients
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision
    • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment
    • Excellent verbal and written skills
    • Excellent organizational skills
    • Minimum ve years classroom experience in Secondary RLA Thorough knowledge of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in RLA 6-12
    • Experience as a team lead or content lead in a district setting (preferred)
    • At least 3 years Instructional Coaching experience in a general coaching model or RLA-specific content (preferred)
    • Experience with creating, building, facilitating, and/or presenting professional learning for adults (preferred)
    Major Responsibilities
    • Serve as a representative of the ESC, displaying courtesy, tact, consideration, and discretion in all interactions with other members of the educational community and with the public.
    • Create, develop, and deliver content training services and technical assistance to clients as a content specialist in Secondary RLA
    • Maintain and deliver coaching programs, contracts, technical assistance, and services to clients as an instructional coach in Secondary RLA Participate in strategic, long-range planning by analyzing data and stakeholder feedback to determine development and team needs
    • Establish and maintain relationships with District Admin and teachers
    • Stay up to date on trends and research (coaching, pedagogy, content) and apply that research in a client-centered way
    • Stay up to date on TEKS (changes, gaps, alignment) and apply that knowledge to services and products for the ESC
    • Perform other duties as assigned
    Supervisory Responsibilities

    Equipment Used
    General office equipment
    Other equipment as requirements change

    Working Conditions
    Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:
    • Work with frequent interruptions.
    • Repetitive hand motions; prolonged use of a computer.
    • Occasional lifting.
    • Travel to districts within Region 6 and sometimes out of the region as requested.  
    Pay will be commensurate with experience
  • Web Developer

    Job Goals:  Manage the current Eduhero platform and assist heavily in the development of Eduhero+. Eduhero is an established online, on-demand professional development platform. Serve as technical lead responsible for potential web development needs.

    Bachelors’ degree in computer science or related field qualifications preferred.

    Major Responsibilities:  Manage the current Eduhero platform. Full-Stack Development of Eduhero+. Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs. Manage and Maintain AWS infrastructure for maximum speed and scalability. Follow and uphold best practice design standards for online and on-demand learning. Write wellabstracted, reusable, and efficient code. Leverage industry and technology trends to build new features and products. Ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders

    Experience:  Designing, developing architecture, and implementing web applications; developing object-oriented applications; responsive design and mobile compatibility standards; Angular JS and Build Tools; API architecture and HTTP methods, including building Web APIs; Web Service Models; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles preferred; project plan development; HTML/HTML5/XHTML, CSS/CSS3, PHP/MySQL, Javascript; best development practices; database systems; full-stack development framework; data analysis. Knowledge of AWS Infrastructure including EC2, RDS, EFS, Load Balancers, and Security Groups.

    Special Knowledge & Skills:  Capable of taking initiative, making recommendations on the best approach in terms. Skills of development, design, programming, and management. Strong communication skills. Excellent writing and editing skills, with proven ability to write a range of technical, instructional, educational materials in different contexts. Strong  analytical skills, ability to review large volumes of information and make informed decisions about priorities and treatment of materials. Ability to work on multiple tasks with minimal supervision. Ability and willingness to work independently and as a team member. Willingness and ability to gain and maintain any required competencies, such as training and experience in using computers and other technologies, telecommunications/video conferencing equipment, and interactive technologies. Problem diagnosis and creative problem-solving skills.